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Current Exhibitions

16 Nov — 28 Apr
Art and design, modern industry and handcraft—these were the ingredients brought together by MITA, an Italian firm specialising in carpets, tapestries, and other textiles. Founded in Genoa as the Manifattura Italiana Tappeti...
19 Oct — 28 Apr
“Deco: Luxury to Mass Market” has come to evoke a set of styles that emerged in the 1920s and 1930s out of aspirations to fuse art and industry into a modern language of design. From exquisite handcrafted objects to streamlined...
09 Aug — 13 Jan
Wit as Weapon: Satire and the Great War features pieces from The Wolfsonian–FIU Library, which document the satyrical techniques used during the war. In that period, satire was used by propaganda artists to glorify the cause of...
11 Aug — 11 Aug
The exhibition revolves around the topic of representation of men and women at work. In fact, during the 1930’s, a massive number of artists begun to depict work scenes, in a time of mass unemployment and big changes due to the industrial revolution....
25 May — 27 May
Frank Brangwyn: Bringing the Empire Home presents an overview of artist and designer Frank Brangwyn’s career. His works, consisting in murals, architectural plans, luxury interiors, and furniture, dating back to the first half...

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