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Marsèlleria – Via Rezia

This exhibition space is providing an empty canvas to an unlimited freedom of expression, to any kind of project or artist’s medium. It provides room to unleash the contemporary culture without any restrains of of means, matter, language. The space itself adapts unopposed to any kind of transformational content.

Current Exhibitions

01 Jun — 28 Jun
Jacopo Miliani’s show attempts to translate a personal universe through the painting medium, which has been taken on by the artist for the first time, with big irony. In the exhibition, the body is at the centre of the representation: a carnivalesque...

Current Events

07 Sep — 06 Sep
Organised by Siliqoon, Trigger parties are a series of monthly meetings involving artists and people interesting in art to give them the occasion to express themselves freely and talk about their artistic practices. These...

Contacts & Details

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T: +39 02 7862 2680 M: W: Marsèlleria - Via Rezia
Via Privata Rezia, 2 Milan, 20135 Italy