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Art Basel Announced the First Hong Kong Kabinett Edition

24 mins ago

For the first time Art Basel Hong Kong is having its Kabinett sector with 19 curated exhibitions , from thematic group presentations to solo shows, coming all over the world. Among the represented artists there will be Etel Adnan, Cao Yu, Christo, Piero Dorazio, Candida Höfer, Abbas Kiarostami, Kwon Young-Woo, Lee Kit, Yuko Mohri, OSGEMEOS, Bettina Pousttchi, Qiu Xiaofei, Sanyu, SHIMURAbros, Song Ta, Keiichi Tanaami, Wang Qingsong, Ming Wong and Heimo Zobernig.

Commenting on the first Hong Kong edition of Kabinett, Adeline Ooi, Director Asia, Art Basel, said “For this first edition of Kabinett in Hong Kong, many exhibitors have chosen to bring important historical works, particularly from Asia, including Kukje Gallery / Tina Kim Gallery with the work of Dansaekhwa artist Kwon Young-Woo, Nanzuka with early animations by the Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami and Tina Keng Gallery with works on paper by Chinese artist Sanyu. I am personally very excited for Art Basel in Hong Kong’s debut of this much-loved sector — we are always looking to give the Hong Kong show more historical depth and provide an even stronger educational layer, allowing visitors to also see different artists, time periods and movements. Kabinett provides the perfect platform for galleries to create a more focused presentation and showcase a particular aspect of their program that audiences may not be as familiar with”.

Carla Ingrasciotta

  • Art Basel Hong Kong. Photo by Jessica Hromas Art Basel Hong Kong. Photo by Jessica Hromas
Venice - News

Yvonne Farrell e Shelley McNamara to Curate the Next Venice Architecture Biennale

1 hour ago

The Board of La Biennale di Venezia decided to entrust the curatorship of the 16th International Exhibition of Architecture in 2018 to Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara.
Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara live and work in Dublin, where they graduated at the School of Architecture at University College and founded the Grafton Architects in 1977.

On the occasion of this decision, the President Paolo Baratta said the following:

“The Exhibition of Alejandro Aravena has offered visitors a critical examination of the evolution of architecture in the world and underlined the importance that a qualified demand from individuals and communities meet an equally effective, thus confirming the fact that architecture is part of civil society tools to organize the space in which they live and work.
Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara will resume the same issue from another point of view, turning attention to the quality of public and private space, the urban space, the territory and the landscape as major references and purpose of the same architecture. The curators, known for the refinement of their work, are also known for an intense pedagogical activity and their ability to engage and excite the younger generation. “

Carla Ingrasciotta

  • Yvonne Farrell e Shelley McNamara. Courtesy of La Biennale di Venezia Yvonne Farrell e Shelley McNamara. Courtesy of La Biennale di Venezia
São Paulo - News

Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro is the Curator of the Next São Paulo Biennial

20 hours ago

Currently director and chief curator of the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros (New York and Caracas), Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro will be the curator of the 33rd Sao Paulo biennial which will take place in 2018.

Born in Spain and educated in Britain, he received a PhD in Art History and Theory from the University of Essex, England in 1996.

My Art Guides Editorial Team

  • Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro

The United Arab Emirates Pavilion at the 57th Biennale

1 day ago

The United Arab Emirates has announced that will be five UAE based artists to represent The National Pavilion at this upcoming 57th Edition of La Biennale di Venezia, from 13 May to 26 November 2017.

The exhibition entitled ” Rock , Paper, Scissors : Position in Play ” will feature works by Nujoom Alghanem, Sara Al Haddad, Vikram Divecha, Lantian Xie and Dr. Mohamed Yousif, and the curatorial duties are held by Hammad Nasar, en eclectic curator and writer.

The show is supported and commissioned by The Salama bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundatiion and the UAE Ministry on Culture and Knwoledge Development. 

Giulia Capaccioli

  • The National Pavilion of United Arab Emirates, ph courtesy of UAE Pavilion The National Pavilion of United Arab Emirates, ph courtesy of UAE Pavilion
Venice - News

Photographer Boris Mikhailov to Represent the Ukrainian Pavilion at the 57th Biennale

4 days ago

Curated by Dallas Contemporary, this year the Ukraine Pavilion at the Venice Biennale will be represented by photographer Boris Mikhailov (born in 1938 in Kharkov, Ukraine lives and works in the Ukraine and in Berlin).

One of the leading photographers from the former Soviet Union, in his artistic research, Boris explore the human condition within the social, economical and political ideology of the years that saw Ukraine under Soviet rule. His work his often contaminated by personal narratives of humor, fear and death.

Dallas Contemporary is a not-for-profit art museum in Dallas, Texas promoting national and international artists.

Carla Ingrasciotta

  • Boris Mikhailov. Photo by David Kregenow Boris Mikhailov. Photo by David Kregenow
London - News

Pick your London Map and Get Ready for Condo 2017

7 days ago

After 2016 success, once again, this year, a big art event takes over London. It’s Condo, a collaborative exhibition program and it takes place across 15 galleries from Saturday January 14 until Saturday February 11.

London’s most emerging and young galleries are hosting some of the best and established contemporary art venues in the world, allowing them to occupy their spaces with a temporary exhibition by their own represented artists, aiming to establish a fresh collaboration between artists, gallerists and curators.

Preview: Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 from 12–6pm
Saturday, January 14 – Saturday February 11, 2017

The Approach 1st Floor, 47 Approach Rd, E2 9LY Wed–Sun 12–6pm
is hosting Simone Subal New York 

Arcadia Missa Unit 6, Bellenden Rd Business Centre, SE15 4RF Thu–Sat 12–5pm
is hosting VI, VII Oslo

Carlos/Ishikawa Unit 4, 88 Mile End Rd, E1 4UN Wed–Sun 12–6pm
is hosting Tommy Simoens Antwerp & ShangART Shanghai

 Chewday’s 139 Lambeth Walk, SE11 6EE Thu–Sat 12–6pm
is hosting Max Mayer Düsseldorf 

Emalin Unit 4, Huntingdon Estate Bethnal Green Rd, E1 6JU Wed–Sat 11–6pm
is hosting Gregor Staiger Zurich

Greengrassi 1A Kempsford Rd, SE11 4NU Tue–Sat 11–6pm
is hosting Proyectos Ultravioleta Guatemala City

Herald St 2 Herald St, E2 6JT Wed–Fri 11–6pm, Sat–Sun 12–6pm
is hosting Tanya Leighton Berlin & The Modern Institute Glasgow

Maureen Paley 21 Herald St, E2 6JT Wed–Sun 11–6pm
is hosting dépendance Brussels 

Project Native Informant Morley House, 3rd Floor, 26 Holborn Viaduct, EC1A 2AQ Wed–Sat 12–6pm
is hosting Mother’s Tankstation Dublin & Queer Thoughts New York

Rodeo 123 Charing Cross Rd, WC2H 0EW Tue–Sat 10–6pm
is hosting Supportico Lopez Berlin

Sadie Coles HQ 62 Kingly St, W1B 5QN Tue–Sat 11–6pm
is hosting Bridget Donahue New York 

Southard Reid 7 Royalty Mews, W1D 3AS Tue–Sat 11–6pm
is hosting Koppe Astner Glasgow 

The Sunday Painter 1st Floor, 12–16 Blenheim Grove, SE15 4QL Thu–Sat 12–6pm
is hosting Jaqueline Martins São Paulo & Seventeen New York/London & Stereo Warsaw 

Vilma Gold 6 Minerva Street, E2 9EH Tue–Sat 11–6pm
is hosting Neue Alte Brücke Frankfurt am Main

Union Pacific 17 Goulston St, E1 7TP Wed–Sat 12–6pm
is hosting Misako & Rosen Tokyo & Jan Kaps Cologne.

Carla Ingrasciotta

  • Condo, London art map Condo, London art map
New Delhi - Interviews

Looking back, Thinking forward: an Interview with Jitish Kallat

1 week ago

On the occasion of our Special Issue dedicated to the India Art Fair in New Delhi, we interviewed one the most prominent artists of the contemporary Indian art scene, Jitish Kallat.
 Born in 1974 in Mumbai where he currently lives, the artist works with a variety of media including painting, sculpture, photography and installation. In his art and practice he develops his deep engagement with the city of Mumbai. Among his main topics the artist investigates globalization, urbanization, social and economic.

Appointed as curator of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2014, Jitish has participated in many art exhibitions and his artworks can be appreciated in the collections of several art institutions and museums.

Among his recent projects, the artist is currently on show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with his installation “Covering Letter” and soon at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi with a major survey on his career titled “Here After Here”.

Mara Sartore: As an artist you are mainly based in Mumbai but have had a chance to explore several other realities, also thanks to your participation as curator of the 2014 edition of the Kochi – Muziris Biennale. Could you tell us about that experience?

Jitish Kallat: I’ve always lived in Mumbai, it is the city where I went to art school and my studios are located here.
As the curator of the 2014 edition of the Kochi – Muziris Biennale, I had to shift my toolbox. The move from making art to curating is primarily a shift in ambience from the solitary reflections in one’s studio, to a space of dialogue with numerous artist colleagues. Drawing up two key episodes from the 13th-17th Century (the Age of Discovery and the work of the Kerala School of Astronomy and Mathematics), Whorled Explorations tried to bring together art-works that picture versions of the world referencing history, geography, astronomy, time, and myth… interlacing the terrestrial with the celestial.

M.S.: Your practice often includes the assemblage of different techniques: painting, photography, collage. I’m thinking of artworks like “Baggage Claim” (2010) which we selected as the featured image of our website. Could you tell us something more about this artwork and about your practice in general?

J.K.: My works often traverse various focal lengths and time frames. A progressively eaten roti might appear like a moon or x-ray scans of food might invoke celestial bodies. In other instances, a single figure becomes a carrier of numerous narratives, a head of a commuter could bear the weight of an entire city.
In “Baggage Claim”, stains and drips descend from beneath the mouths of the bronze gargoyles that are recreations from those that line the facade of the C.S. Terminus building in the centre of Mumbai, a railway station that sees daily traffic of a few million people. Each seated figure is a composite of many stories. Everyday imagery, traffic, people and animals pile up like a crumbling cascade of narratives, interlaced with the hair of the people. The black drips that also form a shadowy speech bubble have edges that form an urban horizon line comprised of factories, houses and water towers.

M.S.:  Among your current projects, there is your solo show running at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. On this occasion you are presenting “Covering Letter”, an immersive installation you first presented in 2012. Could you tell us about the creation process of this artwork?

J.K.: “Covering Letter“, much like my three “Public Notice” works, reflects on an utterance from history that might be repurposed to re-think the present. The work is a piece of historical correspondence beamed onto a curtain of traversable dry-fog; a brief letter written by M. K. Gandhi to Adolf Hitler in 1939 urging him to reconsider his violent means. The short letter reads like a seven-line haiku. There is a sense of perplexity in the way that Gandhi words his address; as the principal proponent of peace from a historical moment, he greets Hitler, one of the most violent individuals of that era, as a friend. Like many of Gandhi’s gestures and his life experiments, this piece of correspondence seems like an open letter destined to travel beyond its delivery date and intended recipient – a letter written to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

M.S.: Another important exhibition, of course, is “Here After Here”, a major survey hosted by the National Gallery of Modern Art, in New Delhi which presents over 100 of your artworks. This would be a very precious occasion for people coming to New Delhi during India Art Fair to see the work of your 20-year career. How do you feel about it ? How did you arrange the path of the exhibition? What about your collaboration with curator Catherine David?

J.K.: When the National Gallery of Modern Art invited me to have this large, expansive exhibition, it felt like one would need to shift the direction of one’s gaze. As an artist, one travels from work to work, navigating between varied stimuli, ideas and inspirations. One doesn’t spend as much time looking back. However the last several months were spent going through old archives, art-works, etc. as two monographs were also being published. I’ve really enjoyed working with Catherine David; we met at various points during the year, whenever our travel itineraries overlapped. She spent a week at NGMA in Delhi and in my studio when we arrived at the broad structure of the exhibition which is non-chronological and connections are drawn across works from various phases.

M.S.: With the upcoming India Art Fair, New Delhi is becoming the centre of the contemporary Indian and international art scene, with the participation of collectors, art lovers and professionals. MCH Group has recently taken a co-ownership stake in India Art Fair. Do you think this may have an impact on the fair or attract a different kind of audience? 
For all those who are visiting New Delhi from abroad, apart from your show, could you suggest the not-to-be-missed art events/spaces in the city?

J.K.: There is always an increased density of exhibitions, talks and symposiums across Delhi during the India Art Fair, and collaterally, the entire art scene in Delhi sees a surge in activity at this time. There are always great exhibitions at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, at 24 Jor Bagh programmed by Gujral Foundation, Khoj Residency, pop-up projects by Devi Foundation, etc. All of the private galleries have really good exhibitions at this time.

Mara Sartore

  • Jitish Kallat, Baggage Claim, 2010. Courtesy of the artist Jitish Kallat, Baggage Claim, 2010. Courtesy of the artist
  • Jitish Kallat, Covering Letter, Philadelphia Art Museum Jitish Kallat, Covering Letter, Philadelphia Art Museum
  • Jitish Kallat Jitish Kallat
Dubai & Sharjah - News

Global Art Forum 11 Announces its Program: Trading Places

2 weeks ago

The eleventh edition of Art Dubai, running March 15-18 2017, features 92 galleries from 45 countries, confirming itself as one of the most prestigious international art fairs in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.
Composed by an extensive program of interventions and events, Art Dubai includes the annual art conference Global Art Forum. Beginning on Friday 13 January and culminating at Art Dubai (15-17 March 2017), GAF presents talks, discussions, performances, guided walks, music, bringing together a diverse line-up of artists, curators, musicians, writers and thought leaders. Conceived by Shumon Basar, Antonia Carver and Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, this year’s Forum takes title “Trading Places”, focusing on the trade of goods and ideas that influence and model the world.
Taking place in Dubai and in UAE, a significant centre point between the world’s hemispheres, the theme, Trade, seems to be perfectly chosen. At the same way of a route of goods trade, gathering together the most influential voices of art, history, economics, philosophy, urbanism, literature, the Forum is conceived as a mixture of different points of view and disciplines: better defined by Shumon Basar as a “route for the movement of ideas and concepts”.

Click here to have a look at the events in program for GAF 2017.

Giulio Gaddoni

  • Shumon Basar, Commissioner of Global Art Forum 11. Courtesy of The Studio, Dubai. Shumon Basar, Commissioner of Global Art Forum 11. Courtesy of The Studio, Dubai.
Venice - Posts

Vajiko Chachkhiani takes over Georgian Pavilion at 2017 Biennale

2 weeks ago

The Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia has announced that Vajiko Chachkhiani is the artist selected to represent Georgian Pavilion at the upcoming 57th Venice Art Biennale, on display from May 13 to November 26 2017.

The Berlin based / Georgian born artist will showcase an installation entitled “A Living Dog in the Midst of Dead Lions” after winning a national competition, Vajiko‘s project has been selected from 20 submissions by a jury composed of Culture Minister adviser and Tbilisi State Academy of Arts professor Giorgi Gegetchkori, Tbilisi History Museum curator Lili Mamatsashvili, Georgian artist and former Venice Biennial participant Akaki Ramishvili, Tbilisi History Museum project curator and Getty Foundation advisor Charles Merewether, and Pinchuk Art Centre curator Bjoern Geldhof.

After this great news, the artist stated: “Through my sculptures and installations, I seek to address psychological conditions such as loneliness, violence and angst and to interweave them with topics from religion, politics, literature, and poetry”.

The installation for this 2017 Venice Biennale, according to agende.ge, in fact has been created to show the reflections of political, social and historical condition of human experiences.


Giulia Capaccioli

  • Vajiko Chachkhiani Vajiko Chachkhiani
Milan - News

Alejandro González Iñárritu To Present a Virtual Reality Project

4 weeks ago

The two-time Oscar award Alejandro G. Iñárritu has undertaken the construction of a new virtual reality experimental short film produced and financed by Legendary Entertainment and Prada Foundation after four years of research. The design and virtual characters will be produced by LMxLAB, the new Department of Immersive Entertainment production company Lucasfilm.

The topic of this immersive virtual reality project explores the intense and difficult experience of a group of people crossing the border between Mexico and the United States. It will be featured on world premiere during the spring of 2017 in the Fondazione Prada venue in Milan.

Using the latest technologies, Iñárritu and his longtime collaborator, Emmanuel Lubezki, will work for the first time in an experimental narrative within a new visual medium.

Carla Ingrasciotta

  • Alejandro González Iñárritu Alejandro González Iñárritu