Palermo - Official Collateral Event

Drift. Lovett/Codagnone

Billboards around the city

06 Aug 201831 Aug 2018

Organised by Azoto projects & communication and curated by Antonio Leone and Salvatore Davì, DRIFT is a public initiative conceived by the Italian-American duo Lovett/Codagnone.

The project, curated by Antonio Leone and Salvatore Davì, is organised by Azoto projects & communication, in cooperation with ruber.contemporanea and with the technical support of Alessi S.p.a. and Imprinting S.r.l.s. Artists launch a billsticking campaign with images that lay claim to the public space of commercial production, raising the question of collective identity and reflecting on the practices of dissent.

Preview: Jun 11 -24

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W: Drfit
Via Enrico Albanese 108 Palermo, Italy