Palermo - Official Collateral Event

Mental Landscapes / Natural Trajectories

Museo di Geologia "G.G. Gemmellaro"

15 Jun 201830 Sep 2018

Organised by Give It A Name, the exhibition Mental Landscapes / Natural Trajectories, curated by Lorenzo Bruni, reflects on what prerogative today has the concept of an ideal landscape both from the natural point of view and from that of intercultural interaction. The intent is to consider and travel time is memory and come from people – who are limited in separation – to concentrate on the power of travel and on the strength of dialogue that constantly re-establish the idea of community that underlies it.

  • ph. Stefania Galegati Shines ph. Stefania Galegati Shines

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Lorenzo Bruni

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Destination: Palermo
Where: Museo di Geologia "G.G. Gemmellaro"
Type: Opening
Admission: Free
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Corso Tukory 131 Palermo, Italy