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Hong Kong
Monday 24th, April 2017 — Monday 1st, May 2017

Cao Fei (SL avatar: China Tracy), "RMB City: A Second Life City Planning", 2007. Courtesy of Cao Fei and Vitamin Creative Space.


K11 Art Foundation Pop-up Space 21/03/2017 — 30/04/2017

Courtesy of Osage Gallery

(An)other-Half: Being a Wife/Mother and the Practices of the...

Osage Hong Kong
17/03/2017 — 17/05/2017

Adrian Wong: The Tiger Returns to the Mountain, Exhibition view, 2017

Adrian Wong: The Tiger Returns to the Mountain

chi art space 20/03/2017 — 29/04/2017

Stanley Wong, Poster, Chung King Express, 1994, M+ Collection, courtesy of M+

Ambiguously Yours: Gender in Hong Kong Popular Culture

M+ Pavilion
17/03/2017 — 21/05/2017

Thukral and Tagra, Dominus Aeris-Panis Quotidie_1, 2016. Courtesy of the artist and Pearl Lam Galleries

Bread, Circuses & Wifi

Pearl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong – SOHO
21/03/2017 — 31/05/2017

Physichromie 1920, 2014. Courtesy Puerta Roja

Carlos Cruz-Diez: Mastering Colour

Puerta Roja
18/03/2017 — 25/05/2017

Do Ho Suh, Passage/s: The Pram Project, 2015, three-channel video, Photo by Tony Walsh. Courtesy the artist, Lehmann Maupin

Do Ho Suh: Passage/s

Lehmann Maupin Hong Kong
20/03/2017 — 13/05/2017

George Tjungurrayi, untitled, 2014, courtesy of Utopia Art Sydney
Heinz Mack, Untitled (Chromatic Constellation), 2016. Courtesy of the artist and Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kong.

Heinz Mack: Structure

Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kong
21/03/2017 — 05/05/2017

Ho Tzu Nyen, The Name, 2015. Courtesy of the artist and Asia Art Archive.

Ho Tzu Nyen: The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia, Vol ...

Asia Art Archive
21/03/2017 — 19/08/2017

Jiang Pengyi, Void No. 6, 2017, courtesy Blindspot Gallery and the Artist

Jiang Pengyi: Away from Disgrace

Blindspot Gallery
18/03/2017 — 06/05/2017

Kim Tschang Yeul, Waterdrops, 1975. Courtesy the artist and Pearl Lam Galleries.

Kim Tschang-Yeul: Drops

Pearl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong – Pedder Street
21/03/2017 — 10/05/2017

“Life Space”, “Konstantin Grcic: Panorama”, ph: HKDI Gallery

Konstantin Grcic: Panorama

HKDI Gallery, Hong Kong Design Institute
26/11/2016 — 26/04/2017

Leung Wing Hong, Universal Gravitation, 2017. Courtesy of the artist, am space and CL3.

Leung Wing Hong: Coordinate Mapping

CL3 Architects Limited 20/03/2017 — 28/04/2017

Otto Boll, Helix, 2014. Courtesy of Axel Vervoodt

Otto Boll, Solo Show

Axel Vervoordt Gallery
20/03/2017 — 20/05/2017

Wong Wai Yin, A place never been seen is not a place, 2017. Courtesy of the artist and Oi!


03/03/2017 — 31/08/2017

Xie Qi, Untitled No.1, 2014. Courtesy of Pékin Fine Arts

Posers II

Pékin Fine Arts, Hong Kong
11/03/2017 — 22/05/2017

Qiu Xiaofei, Black Bird (detail), 2016, Pace Gallery

Qui Xiaofei: The Pictographic Image Corresponding to Objects

Pace Gallery, Hong Kong
21/03/2017 — 27/04/2017

Pair of cabinets Northern China, 17th century. Copyright Liang Yi Museum

Reunions: A Collector’s Journey

Liang Yi Museum
21/03/2017 — 01/02/2018

Xin Yunpeng 20140128, 2014. Courtesy of De Sarthe Gallery

Reversal Ritual

de Sarthe Gallery
20/03/2017 — 13/05/2017

Roland Flexner, Untitled, 2015. Courtesy of Massimo de Carlo

Roland Flexner – Ai Weiwei

Massimo de Carlo, Hong Kong
21/03/2017 — 14/05/2017

Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Actual Size I, 2016. Courtesy of the artist and Neptune.

Sailor Neptune Part II

12/03/2017 — 31/05/2017

Li Binyuan, Freedom Farming, 2014, Single-channel video, Courtesy of the artist and Kadist, Paris & San Francisco

Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs

Para Site
18/03/2017 — 11/06/2017

Su-Mei Tse, The Pond, 2015, in collaboration with Jean-Lou Majors. Courtesy of the artist and Edouard Malingue Gallery.

Su-Mei Tse: Elegy

Edouard Malingue Gallery
21/03/2017 — 31/05/2017

Takeshi Murata. Courtesy of Empty Gallery

Takeshi Murata: Infinite Doors

Empty Gallery
22/03/2017 — 27/05/2017

Tan Ping,The Certainty of Uncertainty, 2017. Courtesy of the artist and Leo Gallery.

Tan Ping: The Certainty of Uncertainty

Leo Gallery Hong Kong
20/03/2017 — 04/05/2017

Tatiana Trouvé, Untitled, from the series "Les Dessouvenus", 2017. © Tatiana Trouvé / ADAGP, Paris & ARS, New York, 2017. Photo Credits: Florian Kleinefenn. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Perrotin Hong Kong.

Tatiana Trouvé: House of Leaves

Galerie Perrotin Hong Kong
20/03/2017 — 20/05/2017

Lee Kit, "I went for a drink with my friends during my short stay in Beijing on September, 2007. I bring along my hand-painted cloth to the bar and used it. Then I left it at the bar", 2007. Courtesy of the artist and C&G Artpartment.

The Bed Collection

C&G Artpartment
10/03/2017 — 07/05/2017

Photo credit: Theaster Gates Studio

Theaster Gates: Tarry Skies and Psalms for Now

White Cube Hong Kong
21/03/2017 — 20/05/2017

Xue Feng, Transform13, 2011. Courtesy of Gallery Exit

Xue Feng, Solo Show

Gallery EXIT
23/03/2017 — 29/04/2017

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