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Wednesday 31st, May 2017 — Wednesday 7th, June 2017

View of Radio Athènes during the solo show of Darren Bader.

All: Collected Voices

Radio Athènes
06/04/2017 — 30/06/2017

Vlassis Caniaris, Image, 1972

Art Facing the Ruins

Alpha Delta Gallery
05/04/2017 — 03/06/2017

Courtesy of Enterprise Projects

Car Service II

Enterprise Projects
28/05/2017 — 15/06/2017

"DESTE Prize: An Anniversary Exhibition, 1999–2015", 2017. Courtesy of DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art and Museum of Cycladic Art.

Deste Prize: An Anniversary Exhibition 1999-2015

Museum of Cycladic Art
06/04/2017 — 17/09/2017

Navine Khan Dossos, study for Navigating the Numbers, 2017. Site specific wall painting in gouache for State of Concept, Athens

Future Climates – The School of Redistribution

State of Concept
27/03/2017 — 26/06/2017

I Hope My Legs Don’t Break

I hope my legs don’t break

A– Dash
31/03/2017 — 30/11/2017

One window / One grid

If it sounds like bacon you’r doing it right

A– Dash
01/03/2017 — 26/11/2017

Liam Everett, Courtesy of Eleni Koroneou Gallery

Liam Everett: Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit

Eleni Koroneou Gallery
21/04/2017 — 03/06/2017

Urs Fischer, 2014

Liquid Antiquity

The Benaki Museum
04/04/2017 — 17/09/2017

Maria Lassnig, Woman Laokoon (Woman Laocoön), 1976. Oil on canvas, 193 x 127 cm. Courtesy Neue Galerie Graz, Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz. © Maria Lassnig Foundation.

Maria Lassnig: The Future is Invented with Fragments from th...

Municipal Gallery of Athens 07/04/2017 — 16/07/2017

Maria Loizidou, City Project, 2015

Maria Loizidou: déshabillé

The Benaki Museum
31/03/2017 — 29/07/2017

Workshop view of Michael Landy producing BREAKING NEWS-ATHENS at the Diplarios School, Athens, Greece, 2017. Photograph by Stefanos Giannoulis, Courtesy NEON

Michael Landy: Breaking News – Athens

Displarios School 23/03/2017 — 11/06/2017

Photo credits: Dimitris Parthimos. Courtesy of locus athens

N.P. or the Possibilities of a Life

Tsami Karatasou 51, 11741, Koukaki 15/05/2017 — 30/06/2017

Oscar Tuazon

Oscar Tuazon: Building Fire

Radio Athènes
08/04/2017 — 30/06/2017

A Pattern to the Letter

Shannon Ebner: A Pattern to the Letter

Rebecca Camhi Gallery
07/04/2017 — 28/07/2017

Si Sedes Non Is

Si Sedes Non Is

The Breeder
06/04/2017 — 31/05/2017

Su-Mei Tse, Gewisse Rahmenbedingungen (A Certain Frame Work) (Altes Museum Berlin), 2014, video, duration: 4 min looped

Su-Mei Tse: A Certain Lightness

Alpha Delta Gallery
05/04/2017 — 03/06/2017

Group Mel-air, Polys Peslikas, Dimitra Vamiali, Caroline May

Sunset in Athens (part three)

Vamiali’s gallery
31/03/2017 — 01/07/2017

Stephen Chambers

The Identities of Others: New Horizons of European Painting ...

Frissiras Museum
04/01/2017 — 30/06/2017

Courtesy Kalfayan Galleries, Athens-Thessaloniki


Kalfayan Galleries
11/05/2017 — 24/06/2017

Zoë Paul, Courtesy of The Breeder

Zoë Paul: La Perma-Perla Kraal Emporium

The Breeder
06/04/2017 — 31/05/2017

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