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Monday 13th, May 2019 — Monday 20th, May 2019

Balkrishna Doshi, Sangath Architect’s Studio, Ahmedabad, 1980 © Iwan Baan 2018

Balkrishna Doshi: Architecture for the People

Vitra Design Museum
03/03/2019 — 08/09/2019

Barbara Babo, Image Courtesy of Galerie HILT

Barbara Babo: Metamorphosen

Galerie HILT
18/05/2019 — 06/07/2019

The exhibition «BIG» shows huge objects © MKB. Omar Lemke

BIG – Things Interpretations Dimensions

Museum der Kulturen Basel
01/07/2016 — 28/05/2021

Björn Braun, Horizont I (in Zusammenarbeit mit einer Feldmaus), detail, 2011. Courtesy the artist and Meyer Riegger, Berlin/Karlsruhe

Björn Braun

Kunsthaus Baselland
17/05/2019 — 07/07/2019

Clément Cogitore, The Evil Eye, 2018. Courtesy the artist and the Gallery Eva Hober and Gallery Reinhard Hauff

Clément Cogitore (Part II)

Kunsthaus Baselland
17/05/2019 — 07/07/2019

Zach Blas and Jemima Wyman, im here to learn so :)))))), 2017, Image Courtesy of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia

Entangled Realities. Living with Artificial Intelligence

HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel)
09/05/2019 — 11/08/2019

Geumhyung Jeong, Homemade RC Toy, 2019, Image Courtesy of Kunsthalle Basel. Photo by Philipp Hänger / Kunsthalle Basel.

Geumhyung Jeong: Homemade RC Toy

Kunsthalle Basel
03/05/2019 — 11/08/2019

Gina Folly, annual exterior project 2019, photo by Gina Folly.

Gina Folly – Annual Exterior Project

Kunsthaus Baselland
15/02/2019 — 31/12/2019

Clare Jenny, "If I was a reach girl" Exhibition View, Photo: Viktor Kolibal

If I Was a Rich Girl

Kunst Raum Riehen
23/03/2019 — 30/06/2019

Impressões 2018: 19 – from Basel to Brasil, Image Courtesy to Brasilea.

Impressões 2018: 19 – from Basel to Brasil

Stiftung Brasilea
10/11/2018 — 16/06/2019

Lake Verea shooting the »VDL House« (1932) by Richard Neutra, Silverlake, California Paparazza Moderna series, 2011–2018 © Lake Verea

Lake Verea: Paparazza Moderna

Vitra Design Museum
02/02/2019 — 07/07/2019

Leiko Ikemura, Stehende mit Miko in Gelb, 1995/96, Image Courtesy of Kunstmuseum Basel. Photo by Lothar Schnepf

Leiko Ikemura: Toward New Seas

Kunstmuseum Basel
11/05/2019 — 01/09/2019

Lois Weinberger, Debris Field, 2010–2016, finds from the attic, parent’s house, Stams in Tyrol, 14th to 20th century, Photo: Paris Tsitsos © Studio Weinberger

Lois Weinberger: Debris Field

Museum Tinguely
17/04/2019 — 01/09/2019

Maria Lassnig, "expressif", 1951 © Maria Lassnig Stiftung, Photo: Roland Krauss

Neu Im Kupferstichkabinett

Kunstmuseum Basel
11/02/2019 — 23/06/2019

Philippe Zumstein, Composition Modulaire, 2019, Courtesy of the artist and Laleh June Galerie

Philippe Zumstein: Light Shift

Laleh June Galerie
11/04/2019 — 16/06/2019

Simone Forti, Zuma News, from NONFICTIONS – Gorbachev Lives / Zuma News / Questions – a joint work by Jeremiah Day / Simone Forti / Fred Dewey, 2014. Filmed by Jason Underhill. Courtesy of the artists and The Box, LA.

Simone Forti

Kunsthaus Baselland
17/05/2019 — 07/07/2019

Soltiss necklace, made from plastic bottles © MKB


Museum der Kulturen Basel
25/10/2014 — 15/10/2019

Smash137, Night Blue, 2009, Image Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Carzaniga Basel.

Summer exhibition

Galerie Carzaniga Basel
16/05/2019 — 22/06/2019

Pablo Picasso,Acrobate et jeune arlequin, 1905, Private collection © Succession Picasso / 2018, ProLitteris, Zurich

The Young Picasso: Blue and Rose Periods

Fondation Beyeler
03/02/2019 — 16/06/2019

Maske; New Mexico, USA; Leder, Baumwolle, Pigmente; IVa 2368; Kauf von Hans Coray 1970.

Thirst for Knowledge Meets Collecting Mania

Museum der Kulturen Basel
22/03/2019 — 19/01/2020

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