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Andreas Waldmeier: I Think. The entropy of entity

Counter Space

24 Jan 201627 Feb 2016

“If the work stops working in the eye of the beholder, then I actually have to start afresh.”
– Andreas Waldmeier

For his first solo exhibition, Andreas Waldmeier (b. 1982, Richterswil/Zurich) presents a new body of work consisting of oil paintings and works on paper.

“For Waldmeier the interaction with the large-scale canvas mostly begins him setting up a formal system, creating a disposition,” thereby limiting the actual painting matter. With this foundation set in place, additionally a fixed designation is established: Quadrat 1 [Square 1], Quadrat 4 [Square 4], Kreise [Circles], Tisch [Table]. The use of reduced titles is an attempt to create a neutral ground, and shows a pronounced desire for openness in its reception. Alongside the basic geometric shapes, that are first drawn on the computer and are then placed proportionally onto the unprimed canvas, Waldmeier occasionally places found everyday objects on the painting surface.

The format choice of the work is space-filling: Kreise [Circles], a quadrotych, with each part measuring 200 x 150 cm, as well as the Quadrat series, 100 x 100 cm in size with the spatial dimensions of the exhibition space Counter Space. Waldmeier is constantly pursuing a movement in space, a displacement, so that the viewer is in a continuous visual exploration. Scanning the canvas, an understanding into the processes of its making is constituted.

Quotation from Gabriel Flückiger

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Destination: Zurich
Where: Counter Space
Type: Vernissage

Opening: January 23, 2016, 6:30pm

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