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04 Feb 201627 May 2016

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Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura presents ARCHIVO(S) Hotel Camino Real, a proposal by renowned curator Pablo León de la Barra focused on the iconic Camino Real Hotel (1968) designed by architect Ricardo Legorreta.

Built for the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, The Camino Real Hotel not only not only challenged the conventional standards of modern hotel design and but consolidated Legorreta’s own characteristic architectural style, but became a parallel modern art museum of sorts, a building that perfectly embodied the optimism, creative effervescence and aesthetic ambitions of Mexico in the sixties.

The proposal offers an immersive reconstruction; a journey through different periods, characters and key moments in the history of the hotel, taking the original collaborations with artists and designers such as Alexander Calder, Anni Albers, Lance Wyman, Mathias Goeritz, Pedro Friedeberg, Armando Salas Portugal and Julius Shulman.

Through historic photographs and documents, reproductions, original furniture and a 1:75 scale model of the hotel commissioned for the exhibition and created by Legorreta’s original model maker, as well as contemporary approaches by artists like Mario García Torres and Lake Verea, ARCHIVO(S) Hotel Camino Real attempts to rescue the original spirit of the project and document the transformations the building has gone through in recent decades.

The ARCHIVO(S) series presents a new approach to iconic projects of modern architecture in Mexico, working on original archive materials in an open dialogue with artists, designers and curators. Archivo will collaborate with leading figures of contemporary culture to rebuild a new architectural memory around landmarks of Mexican modernism, through exhibition formats, public activations, reproductions of historical materials, interventions and original design pieces.

  • Armando Salas Portugal, Plaza de acceso Hotel Camino Real, 1968.Armando Salas Portugal, Plaza de acceso Hotel Camino Real, 1968.
  • Lance Wyman y Julia Murdoch, Vestuario para el Hotel Camino Real, 1968.Lance Wyman y Julia Murdoch, Vestuario para el Hotel Camino Real, 1968.

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