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Bless N°56 Worker’s Delight

Vitra Design Museum

10 Jun 201609 Oct 2016

The two BLESS designers have been working together on transdisciplinary projects since 1997. Their products are a fusion of fashion and art, design and architecture, business and social practice. They see design as a way of life: “What we do results from the situation we live in”.

The products are richly detailed, they collage different materials, patterns and colours, purposes and themes. BLESS’ goal is to create light-hearted, homely and inspiring situations in the form of objects, clothing and interior design.
The design duo has addressed the topic of the everyday workplace in a number of projects. For the participatory installation “BLESS N° 56 Worker’s Delight”, the Vitra Design Museum Gallery is turned into an experimental workplace. The objects and pieces of furniture created for this project provide us with unexpected ways to move while completing everyday office chores and to restructure our days spent in front of the screen.
“Worker’s Delight” is a promising place; it emanates a warm atmosphere and inspires us to work in concentration, changing our body posture in between. BLESS thus develops an exceptional perspective on office work, which they juxtapose with the supposedly free and flexible work environment of today to fuel the debate on aspects such as an internalised strive for increased efficiency in employees or the often derided workplace health promotion.

  • Bless. Workout. exhibition preview.Bless. Workout. exhibition preview.
  • Photo © Mira Schroeder. Bless Home BerlinPhoto © Mira Schroeder. Bless Home Berlin
  • BLESS N° 56 Worker’s DelightBLESS N° 56 Worker’s Delight

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