Seville - Exhibition

Bouchra Khalili

Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo

02 Nov 201704 Mar 2018

Bouchra Khalili (b. Casablanca, Morocco, 1975) has forged an artistic career by combining the visual essay with documentary practices beyond cinéma vérité and a degree of political conceptualism.
The exhibition in Seville—co-produced with the Jeu de Paume in Paris – where it is traveling in 2018 — is the most ambitious survey of her oeuvre to date, featuring an ample selection of works produced since 2008.

The exhibition narrative alternates between works that focus on personal stories related to migration experiences and others in which colonialist criticism, political philosophy and measures of resistance take the lead. At the same time, single or multichannel video projections alternate with photographs while the images oscillate between testimonials and essays. This show is the first in a new series of exhibitions at the CAAC that analyses a geopolitical space (North Africa and the Near East) with close physical and historical ties to our land, while continuing to study the political constitution of the present by examining the acute migration and refugee crises that Europe has faced in recent years. Andalusia, given its past and present reality, stands squarely at the crossroads of these issues.

  • Bouchra Khalili. The Wet Feet Series. Lost Boats. Flag, 2012 © Bouchra Khalili - Galerie Polaris, ParisBouchra Khalili. The Wet Feet Series. Lost Boats. Flag, 2012 © Bouchra Khalili - Galerie Polaris, Paris

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Bouchra Khalili

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