Mexico City - Exhibition

Colectivo On/Off (Desaceleramiento)

Casa del Lago

25 Jun 201601 Oct 2016

On/Off Collaboration is a working group that explores different artistic collaboration mechanisms, and the impact of digital technologies on the way to communicate, share knowledge and produce. In this exhibition Juan Toro reflects on the cosmism to confront the ideal of “man-machine” and “post-humanism” in the planetary philosophy. Alba Carolina proposes an editorial project that compiles talks in a dialogue process that extends the exhibition space. Alejandro Orozco presents an installation that operates with the concepts of game, individual position and shared space, a collective game where the idea of ​​the ordinary is uncertain. Jimena Mendizabal presents an intuitive mapping of the flow of information and knowledge within the group, revealing a rhythm and a particular topology of the group. Mirjam Kroker, German artist, takes the thinking, writing and dialogue group processes as raw material for an aesthetic practice speech and to question the ideas of materiality, mediality, collective thinking and the future of knowledge.

  • Colectivo On/Off (Desaceleramiento)Colectivo On/Off (Desaceleramiento)

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Alba Carolina

Alejandro Orozco

Jimena Mendizabal

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Destination: Mexico City
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