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Colin Snapp: Observatory

Alexander Levy

15 Sep 201827 Oct 2018

Colin Snapp‘s second solo exhibition at gallery Alexander Levy, Berlin, focuses on the interaction between tourism, travel industry, human-made environment and contemporary viewing habits as revealed in his video and photographic works.

The works on display, “NV Regional” (2013/17) and “Observatory” (2018), deal with the kind of tourism controlled by government, but from a safe distance; in particular, the artist’s interest lies in the investigation not of the touristic attractions but of the behavior of tourists, their clothes and the technology they use to capture the impressions of their travels. “NV Regional” is a video work which follows the actions of tourists at Hoover Dam in Nevada while “Observatory” consists of a series of pictures representing mainly people caught in the act of taking pictures with their smartphones. In both works, the scenes are represented in a science-fictional and surreal atmosphere.


  • Colin Snapp, Colin Snapp, "Observatory 5", 2018, Courtesy of Alexander Levy

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