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Condo at Carlos/Ishikawa


14 Jan 201721 Feb 2017

On the occasion of Condo 2017, Carlos/Ishikawa gallery is showing artists Oscar Murillo together with Tommy Simoens in Antwerp & ShanghART Shanghai which are showing respectively Yutaka Sone and Ouyang Chun’s “Flying moths”.

Condo is a collaborative exhibition by 36 galleries across 15 London spaces, taking place from 14 January to 21 February 2017. This initiative, led by the young gallerist Vanessa Carlos from Carlos/Ishikawa, aims to propose an alternative model for gallerists and artists to exhibit internationally, addressing a much deeper collaboration and conversation among London galleries.

Condo is mainly an act of co-operation and generosity: London galleries are offering their space for free with the idea of extending the audience and engage a much wider public to the contemporary art scene, encouraging people to get out and enjoy openings and free exhibitions.

Largely focused on young and emerging galleries, this projects helps and supports new realties overwhelmed by financial issues, approaching to the international art scene.

  • Oscar Murillo: Human Resources 2016Oscar Murillo: Human Resources 2016
  • Ouyang Chun: Flying moths 2015Ouyang Chun: Flying moths 2015
  • Yutaka Sone: Aztec Light 2016Yutaka Sone: Aztec Light 2016

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The waste land: Oscar Murillo in his east London studio. Photo: Teri Pengilley

Oscar Murillo

Chun Ouyang

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