Bologna - Exhibition

Geert Goiris: Terraforming Fantasies

Salone Banca di Bologna - Palazzo De’ Toschi

29 Jan 201924 Feb 2019

The exhibition is the first solo one dedicated in Italy to Belgian photographer and videomaker Geert Goiris (Bornem, 1971), who already exhibited in international cultural institutions.
“Terraforming Fantasies” (“Fantasie di terraformazione”) features several photographic prints in different formats, a slide show and multi-channel video installation, within a set up specially conceived by the architect Kris Kimpe, usual collaborator of the artist. The exhibition is titled after the namesake featured video installation: the word “terraforming”, in particular, has been recently coined to reference the possibility to alter other planets’ ecosystems for making them habitable by humans. At the present moment, this is still a fictional hypothesis but Goiris tries to imagine a parallel world and creates an immersive environment, which visitors can walk through. Works are displayed on hexagonal structures, disseminated in the exhibition space. Goiris conceived this show in parallel with the specular one occurring in the end of 2018 at Royal Academy of Fine Arts di Antwerp. His research is mainly focused on landscape pictures, always portraying unusual places immersed in enigmatic atmospheres, set by the artist through specific technical anche stylistic choices.

“Terraforming Fantasies” is part of the programme dedicated to contemporary art organised by Banca di Bologna and one of the main projects of ART CITY Bologna 2019, taking place during Arte Fiera.

Opening times during ART CITY Bologna 2019:
Friday February 1, 10am-8pm
Saturday February 2, 10am-12am
Sunday February 3, 10am-8pm


  • Geert Goiris, Geert Goiris, "Eugenes Neighbourhood", 2002, Courtesy of the artist
  • Geert Goiris, Geert Goiris, "Overgrown", 2014, Courtesy of the artist

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