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Hon Chi-fun: A Story of Light

Asia Society Hong Kong

12 Mar 201909 Jun 2019

Asia Society Hong Kong presents the retrospective exhibition of celebrated artist Hon Chi-fun (b. 1922 Hong Kong), best known for his abstract paintings and silkscreen prints, “A Story of Light”, which covers over thirty artworks spanning four decades of his trailblazing practices in photography, painting and printmaking. From a postal inspector to a versatile artist, Hon Chi-fun started his artistic career by self-teaching and rose to prominence by the 1960s with his radical artistic experiments layer various international influences including Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, along with local New Ink Movement as a response to Hong Kong’s multi-cultural context and has always been remaining porous and questioning boundaries between cultures, media, and within the self.

“A Story of Light” re-contextualises the evolution of Hon Chi-fun’s practice by contrasting his continual fascination with light as both a material and subject with his deployment of various media and cultural influences.

  • Hon Chi-fun, Floating Weight, 1976, acrylic on canvas, 130 x 131 cm. Collection of the artist. Photograph by Arnold Lee.

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