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Kasia Fudakowski: Bad Basket


07 Feb 201708 Apr 2017

Kasia Fudakowski works through performance and sculpture around the notion of failure, particularly applied to gender and institutional criticism.

The work of Kasia Fudakowski is influenced by the work of Lee Lozano and Andy Kauffman, weaving the absurd and humor as axes that result from an intentional direction to unveil a failure in social relations with a dark, comical and pessimistic tone.

At Lodos gallery, the artist presents the recent works she developed during her two and a half month stay in Mexico.

The three woven works displayed within the gallery demonstrate the result of the three-day collaborations between the artist and an artisan; Fudakowski and Martina García García, Marivel Hernández Marcelino and Agustín Mendoza respectively. Each piece was created by the artisans and the artist weaving alternatively each hour. The natural coloured sections were created by the artisan, while the orange, reds and blue areas by the artist.

  • Kasia Fudakowski, Exhibition view, Lodos, 2017Kasia Fudakowski, Exhibition view, Lodos, 2017

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