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Laura Lima: The Inverse

Institute of Contemporary Art Miami – ICA

03 Jun 201630 Oct 2016

ICA Miami presents Laura Lima “The Inverse,” the debut American solo museum exhibition for the renowned Brazilian artist. Working across mediums, the artist frequently subjects the body to surprising juxtapositions with objects and architectures. With each installation, Lima consistently reinvents the viewer’s encounter with her work, skillfully considering the nature of perception, social relationships, and human behavior, while creating profound and startling aesthetic experiences.

For this monumental, site-specific installation, Lima entangles the gridded support beams of the museum’s Atrium Gallery with industrial nylon rope. Enormous at one end, the braided material dwindles in size until it seems to merge with a female body. Set still and partially out of view, the participant’s body achieves uncanny abstraction, presence, and suspense.

  • Laura Lima, DopedLaura Lima, Doped
  • Performance “Marra” by Laura LimaPerformance “Marra” by Laura Lima

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