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Liu Wei: Silver

White Cube Hong Kong

17 Sep 201524 Oct 2015

White Cube Hong Kong is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Liu Wei. This exhibition follows on from the artist’s recent solo exhibition at UCCA, Beijing and continues his investigation into the rich symbolism of form and material through sculpture, installation and painting.


In a dynamic new series of mirrored sculptures, Liu forms hybrid shapes using flat sections of mirror that are hinged together at different angles. The ‘puzzle’ sculpture is architectural in scale and consists of upright sections of mirror in various organic shapes placed together to form a makeshift enclosure. Set on a plinth, its alluring, shiny surface reflects both the viewer’s physical presence as well as a partial view of the surrounding environment, destabilising the gallery architecture into a fractured and fragmented spatial reality. In a new group of smaller-scale works, he uses block-like mirrored shapes placed on found items of furniture such as a wooden table, a worn, modern wood chair and a formal chair that is also mirrored. These oversized, irregular blocks appear weighty and obstructive but also loosely figurative through their language of geometric, upright forms. In two other works, solid metal vertical forms are flanked with thin sections of mirrored glass, placed as if in support of the sculpture’s dense core.

  • Lui Wei, SilverLui Wei, Silver

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