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Mélodie Mousset: A Fresh Burn like a Double Tree


22 Apr 201719 Aug 2017

The solo show presents site-specific works by the French artist, who envisioned the outdoor space as a single large-scale sculpture. Her artistic work focuses on the relation between the physicality of the human body and the virtuality of the mind.

The central piece of the show is placed in the middle of the SALTS’ courtyard, where two large ceramic eyeballs stare at the visitor from top of a  mass of Terracotta. Earth spills even throughout the doors and blocks the entrance to the exhibition.

Inside this mountain-like structure a new film shows a virtual character embodying three different archetypes: a vulcanologist, a topologist and a schizophrenic. Through the prism of their specific field and vision, they discuss things that do not seem to be related, yet melt into a universal truth that evokes the porous relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind.

  • Mélodie Mousset, A Fresh Burn like a Double Tree, 2017. Courtesy of SALTSMélodie Mousset, A Fresh Burn like a Double Tree, 2017. Courtesy of SALTS

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Destination: Basel
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