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Robert Gober: 1978–2000

Institute of Contemporary Art Miami – ICA

01 Dec 201724 Feb 2019

A presentation representing two signature bodies of work by influential artist Robert Gober. The first is the series “1978-2000”, made up of 22 photographs, shot by the artist during two trips to seaside locations, in which newspaper clippings are portrayed in the maritime landscapes. The photographic series is installed alongside one of Gober’s iconic untitled drain works from 1993–94, which references domesticity and personal hygiene, as well as broader sociopolitical themes.

  • Robert Gober, Untitled (1978–2000), and Untitled (1993/94). Photo: Fredrik Nilsen Studio.Robert Gober, Untitled (1978–2000), and Untitled (1993/94). Photo: Fredrik Nilsen Studio.

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