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The Khartoum School: The Making of Modern Art in Sudan (1945 – Present)

Sharjah Art Foundation

12 Nov 201612 Jan 2017

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Sharjah Art Foundation presents “The Khartoum School: The Making of Modern Art in Sudan (1945 – Present)“. At the core of the exhibition, there is the Khartoum School, an artistic movement which developed from the mid 20th century in Sudan as well as in several other African countries.

The exhibition investigates on the relationship between the British colonial rule and the impact it has on the people living and working in the country oppressed by their Imperial presence. This was particularly evident in the press, the media and in the cartoons and magazine which became tool of criticism in socio-political arenas.

On show artworks by Osman Waqialla, Ibrahim El Salahi, Bastawi Baghdadi, Ahmed Shibrain, Abdelrazig Abdelghaffar, Mohammad Omer Khalil, Taglesir Ahmed, Shaigi Rahim, Siddig El Nigoumi, Magdoub Rabbah, Hussein Shariffe, Ahmed Hamid Al Arabi and Griselda Eltayeb.

  • Mapping the Stages of SB13, by Nancy Naser AldeenMapping the Stages of SB13, by Nancy Naser Aldeen

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