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The Third Script: Boo Junfeng & Linda C.H. Lai

Pearl Lam Galleries, Singapore

07 May 201619 Jun 2016

SingaporePearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present The Third Script, an exhibition featuring works by Singaporean filmmaker Boo Junfeng and Hong Kong artist Linda C.H. Lai, opening on 7 May, 2016. Boo and Lai will come together as two independent artists to present two different ways of deconstructing a narrative. Comprising a site-specific installation and time-based artwork, curated by David H.Y. Chan, this show demonstrates the Galleries’ commitment to supporting experimental projects and providing a collaborative platform that stimulates cross-cultural dialogue.

Both Hong Kong and Singapore, young post-colonial city-states, are actively working to secure historical identities through a linear historical narrative. The Third Script presents two alternatives to this linear construction. By experimenting with the construction and use of micro-narratives, this exhibition reflects on how our identity and recollection of the past are formed.

Uncertain stories and fractured narratives form the nexus of this exhibition. In reaction to the unquestioned methodology of expressing events in linear time, Boo and Lai question the authority of this truth by presenting alternatives that express the instability of our memories. To both artists, there isn’t a single collective history; history is always multi-threaded and incomplete.

  • Linda C.H. Lai, Carnival, 2016.Linda C.H. Lai, Carnival, 2016.
  • Linda C.H. Lai, In the Space, 2016.Linda C.H. Lai, In the Space, 2016.
  • Boo Junfeng, Shot 2.Boo Junfeng, Shot 2.

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