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06 Nov 201622 Jan 2017

What is Time? “Timeline” brings latest ink on paper works by Dai Mouyu and FQ Projects newly signed artist Sun Yue’s porcelain installation works. The two artists use different media but appears to merge into a same subject – line of time. Dai uses 0.28mm ink pen to draw thousands of lines on paper one by one; Sun uses the natural crack by drying the porcelain or accumulates the clay milimeter by milimeter. Every detail is a mark of the time which shows how the artist processing their works. One is on the paper, the other is in the object. Both artists’ works are fragile, sensitive and fine, just as the different layers as what time leave to us.

  • Sun Yu, Supporting the Upper Body, 2015 courtesy of FQ ProjectsSun Yu, Supporting the Upper Body, 2015 courtesy of FQ Projects
  • Dai Mouyu, courtesy of FQ ProjectsDai Mouyu, courtesy of FQ Projects

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Destination: Shanghai
Where: FQ Projects
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