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Tra Le Righe, Cascio and Mura observed by Calderara, Dadamaino and Nigro.


15 Mar 201815 Apr 2018

Galleria Grossetti Arte presents the exhibition Tra Le Righe, with Carla Mura and Walter Cascio. The two artists present a series of their most recent work, in which the ‘fil rouge’ between the two artists is outlined by a rigorous scansion of their works in signs, linear stripes, geometrical and visual elements. Marks and signs dominate, imposing their presence within the pictorial space and on the surface of the work in a mysterious, unfathomable and almost primordial language.

Three older works from the Grossetti collection, in which signs and lines command, act as the predecessors or guarantors of the contemporary duo on show; ‘Inconscio Razionale’ by Dadamaino in 1975, ’49 Variazioni Cromatiche’ by Antonio Calderara from 1973 and finally ‘Studio per spazio totale’ by Mario Nigro, 1956.

  • Courtesy of Grossetti arteCourtesy of Grossetti arte

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