Two/2 - Exhibition


VR Project Room

20 Jun 201820 Jul 2018

VR Project Room presents: TWO / 2, a dual exhibition with Luca de Leva and Hernan Pitto Bellocchio.

The Milanese artist Luca De Leva (Milan, 1986) presents a series of new works. Oil and mixed media on canvas. The artist works and produces by subtraction and by placing the “role” and “limitation” as central themes in his research.

Hernan Pitto-Bellocchio (Santiago, Chile, 1984), presents a cartographic representation that represents the starting point of a survey concerning the Mediterranean basin. Through an analysis of the nautical charts, the artist outlines the morphology of underwater landscape, the mountainous reliefs, imagining the absence of the sea.

Also present in the gallery are  works by Valerio Geraci and other emerging artists on the contemporary art scene.

  • courtesy of Luca De Levacourtesy of Luca De Leva
  • Courtesy of Hernan Pitto BellocchioCourtesy of Hernan Pitto Bellocchio

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Destination: Two/2
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