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Wang Wei and Ko Sin Tung: Muse for a Mimeticist

Edouard Malingue Shanghai

25 Jun 201720 Aug 2017

Realism embraces countless possible definitions and means of realisation while “Mimeticism” advances only along a narrow path. Mimeticism adheres to only one technical standard: an enchanting realm of perfection towards which one approaches ever closer. Familiar with Realism, Wang Wei graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, the base of Realist pedagogy in the New China, long dominated by Soviet-inspired Academic Realism. Wang Wei devotes himself to the observation of reality, continually probing the cracks and edges of a commonsensical reality. For this exhibition, he takes on two particular forms of imagery: mirror images and mosaics. In contrast to Wang Wei, Ko Sin Tung did not receive a Realist art education: she was born and raised in Hong Kong, and she’s is equally concerned with how art deals with reality, much like artists from her own generation and before.
“Muse for a Mimeticist” connects two artists with relatively different backgrounds: while both carry along and extend their creative threads, they equally comment on and further each other’s practices.

  • Ko Sin Tung, Sunflower And Safety Hamlet, 2017Ko Sin Tung, Sunflower And Safety Hamlet, 2017

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