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Thursday 14th, June 2018 — Sunday 4th, November 2018

Music for the Queen – Study N.1, wet process collodion glass plate negative, 20×25 cm FAM Fabbriche Chiaramontane, Agrigento, 2014

Alessandro Librio: Archivio/ Music for the Queen

15/04/2018 — 31/10/2018

Courtesy of FPAC

Carlos Garaicoa: Anatomy and Anathemas

Francesco Pantaleone
09/06/2018 — 04/08/2018


Casino Palermo

Viasaterna Pop-up 04/06/2018 — 29/07/2018

© Catherine Opie

Catherine Opie: The Human Landscape

Centro Internazionale di Fotografia
31/05/2018 — 15/07/2018

Courtesy of Galleria Lombardi and Galleria d’arte La Nica

Extemporanea H24

Galleria Lombardi – La Nica
16/06/2018 — 14/07/2018

Fatma Bucak, Courtesy of Fondazione Merz

Fatma Bucak. So as to find the strength to see

GAM Palermo 20/09/2018 — 17/10/2018

courtesy of Festival delle Letterature Migranti

Festival Letteratura Migranti

Quattro Canti / Albergheria and Other Venues 17/10/2018 — 21/10/2018

Courtesy of Galleria d’Arte Moderna
Hale Tanger, Beirut, Courtesy of Rizzuto Gallery

Hale Tenger: Beirut

Rizzuto Gallery
14/06/2018 — 01/09/2018

Courtesy of Intermezzo 2018

Intermezzo 2018

Villa Zito 24/05/2018 — 23/11/2018

Marzia Migliora. Ph by Simon Perethoner

Marzia Migliora: La fabbrica Illuminata

Palazzo Branciforte 08/09/2018 — 04/11/2018

Michelangelo Pistoletto, Love Difference, Palazzo Sant'Elia

Michelangelo Pistoletto: Love Difference

Palazzo Sant’Elia 01/10/2018 — 31/12/2018

Courtesy of the artist

Nino Raso: MalMediterraneo

Morettino Coffee Museum
20/06/2018 — 10/07/2018

Pictorial Goose Turn. Courtesy of Pinksummer goes to Palermo

Pictorial Goose Turn

Olivella Area 24/05/2018 — 10/10/2018

Pablo Picasso e Françoise Gilot, Golfe Juan, Francia, agosto 1948 © Robert Capa © International Center of Photography Magnum Photos

Robert Capa: Retrospective

Real Albergo Dei Poveri 25/04/2018 — 09/09/2018

© Roberto Timperi

Roberto Timperi: Àmor

Centro Internazionale di Fotografia
31/05/2018 — 15/07/2018

Courtesy of Fondazione Federico II

Sicilië: Flemish Painting

Fondazione Federico II
28/03/2018 — 31/07/2018

Sole Luna

SoleLuna Doc Film Festival

Santa Maria dello Spasimo 02/07/2018 — 08/07/2018

Courtesy of Stella Sideli

The Distance is Nowhere

GAM Palermo 16/06/2018 — 16/06/2018

Film still from “Sivilization’s Wake”, Unknown Friend (Stephen G. Rhodes and Barry Johnston), 2018. Courtesy of the artists and INCURVA.

Unknown Friend: Sivilization’s Wake

Palazzo Campofranco 16/06/2018 — 14/07/2018

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