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Thursday 14th, June 2018 — Sunday 4th, November 2018

Music for the Queen – Study N.1, wet process collodion glass plate negative, 20×25 cm FAM Fabbriche Chiaramontane, Agrigento, 2014

Alessandro Librio: Archivio/ Music for the Queen

15/04/2018 — 31/10/2018

Björn Braun, "Untitled (zebra finch nest)", 2013, Courtesy the artist and Meyer Riegger

Björn Braun

Calidarium of the Botanical Gardens, Athenaeum Museums System, University of Palermo 07/09/2018 — 06/10/2018

Courtesy of FPAC

Carlos Garaicoa: Anatomy and Anathemas

Francesco Pantaleone
09/06/2018 — 04/08/2018


Casino Palermo

Viasaterna Pop-up 04/06/2018 — 29/07/2018

© Raqs Media Collective

Cassata Drone

via Malta 21 20/06/2018 — 20/09/2018

Catherine Opie, Arsonist, 2016 (The Modernist) 2016 Pigment print © Catherine Opie, Courtesy Regen Projects, Los Angeles

Catherine Opie: The Human Landscape

Centro Internazionale di Fotografia
31/05/2018 — 15/07/2018

Courtesy of Galleria Lombardi and Galleria d’arte La Nica

Extemporanea H24

Galleria Lombardi – La Nica
16/06/2018 — 14/07/2018

Fatma Bucak Damscus rose 2016 – on going Installation view, David Winton Bell Gallery, 2016 Damask rose cuttings from Damascus cultivated in rose plants Installation photos by Jesse Banks III

Fatma Bucak. So as to find the strength to see

GAM Palermo 17/10/2018 — 02/12/2018

courtesy of Festival delle Letterature Migranti

Festival Letteratura Migranti

Quattro Canti / Albergheria and Other Venues 17/10/2018 — 21/10/2018

Courtesy of Galleria d’Arte Moderna
Hale Tanger, Beirut, Courtesy of Rizzuto Gallery

Hale Tenger: Beirut

Rizzuto Gallery
14/06/2018 — 01/09/2018

Ignazio Mortellaro, E già sono deserto, 2018. Courtesy of the artist

Ignazio Mortellaro

Calidarium of the Botanical Garden 10/10/2018 — 04/11/2018

Il richiamo di Cthulhu

Palazzo Mazzarino 15/06/2018 — 04/11/2018

Courtesy of Intermezzo 2018

Intermezzo 2018

Villa Zito 24/05/2018 — 23/11/2018

ph. Enoh Lienemann

Jelili Atiku: Festival of the Earth

15/06/2018 — 15/06/2018

Marinella Senatore. Photo by David Chalmers

Marinella Senatore: Palermo Procession

from Piazza Santa Chiara to Foro Italico 16/06/2018 — 16/06/2018

Marzia Migliora, "Voce del Verbo Avere", 2018. Courtesy of Fondazione Merz

Marzia Migliora: Voce del Verbo Avere

Palazzo Branciforte 08/09/2018 — 04/11/2018

Masbedo "Videomobile"

Masbedo: Videomobile

Palazzo Costantino 17/06/2018 — 04/11/2018

Michelangelo Pistoletto, Love Difference, Palazzo Sant'Elia

Michelangelo Pistoletto: Love Difference

Palazzo Sant’Elia 01/10/2018 — 31/12/2018

Michele Tiberio and Niccolò De Napoli: Misconception, a way...

Palazzo Branciforte 17/10/2018 — 17/11/2018

Courtesy of the artist

Nino Raso: MalMediterraneo

Morettino Coffee Museum
20/06/2018 — 10/07/2018

Pictorial Goose Turn. Courtesy of Pinksummer goes to Palermo

Pictorial Goose Turn

Olivella Area 24/05/2018 — 10/10/2018

Pablo Picasso e Françoise Gilot, Golfe Juan, Francia, agosto 1948 © Robert Capa © International Center of Photography Magnum Photos

Robert Capa: Retrospective

Real Albergo Dei Poveri 25/04/2018 — 09/09/2018

© Roberto Timperi

Roberto Timperi: Àmor

Centro Internazionale di Fotografia
31/05/2018 — 15/07/2018

Courtesy of Fondazione Federico II

Sicilië: Flemish Painting

Fondazione Federico II
28/03/2018 — 31/07/2018

Film still from “Sivilization’s Wake”, Unknown Friend (Stephen G. Rhodes and Barry Johnston), 2018. Courtesy of the artists and INCURVA.

Sivilization’s Wake: Unknown Friend

Palazzo Campofranco 16/06/2018 — 14/07/2018

Sole Luna

SoleLuna Doc Film Festival

Santa Maria dello Spasimo 02/07/2018 — 08/07/2018

Susan Kleinberg

Susan Kleinberg: Helix

Marionette Museum 16/06/2018 — 31/08/2018

Courtesy of Stella Sideli

The Distance is Nowhere

GAM Palermo 16/06/2018 — 16/06/2018

Words Without Action Poison The Soul

Words Without Action Poison The Soul

Archivio Storico Comunale, Sala Almeyda 15/06/2018 — 30/08/2018

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