SP-Arte 2015

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Courtesy of SP-Arte, São Paulo, Brazil

SP-Arte 2015

Pavilhão Ciccillo Matarazzo

Courtesy of SP-Arte, São Paulo, Brazil


SP-Arte 2015

Vitor Mizael, Untitled, 2013.
Felipe Vasconcellos, Corpo fechado, 2014


SP-Arte 2015


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Nino Cais: The Mystical Body

Bulgari Boutique
10/04/2015 - 03/05/2015

In the exhibition The Mystical Body, at Bulgari Boutique, the artist showcases a selection of recent works dedicated to the figure of the Venus. The female figures is represented both fragility and strength, the beauty is both eternal and ephemera. Timeless images are juxtaposed to the Bulgari jewels, and the artist has created a site specific work to celebrate preciousness and unicity. Nino Cais (b. 1969, São Paulo) sees the world with attentive and wondered eyes, like foreigners and children use to do. The little rituals that govern human relationships, the way people arrange their houses, dress or talk about what was on TV, all about daily life, fascinates him. His creative process is... Read More
Nino Cais, Sem título, 2014. Courtesy of the artist and Central Galeria de Arte
Tomie Ohtake, Untitled, 2014. Courtesy of Instituto Tomie Ohtake
After Tomie Ohtake’s (1913, Japan – 2015, Brazil) passing in February, the institute that takes her name presents an exhibition with her recent pictorial production curated by Agnaldo Farias and Paulo Miyada. Around 30 paintings are reunited... Read More
Geraldo De Barros, Função diagonal, 1952, Private collection, © Fabiana e Lenora de Barros
Fruit of a partnership between SESC Belenzinho and Instituto Moreira Salles, this show accentuates historic aspects and the experimental character of Geraldo de Barros‘ (1923 – 1998, Brazil) photographic production, focusing on its relationship... Read More
Waltercio Caldas, Untitled, 2014, © Waltercio Caldas. Photo: Jaime Acioli; Courtesy of the artist and Galeria Raquel Arnaud
“Ficção nas Coisas” gathers recent and new works by Waltercio Caldas (b. 1946, Rio de Janeiro): eight sculptures and eight paper objects that put in question the certainty of their status as images. The artist’s main objective is to... Read More
José Rufino, Cartas de Areia, 1999, © José Rufino

José Rufino: Dogma

Central Galeria
08/04/2015 - 06/06/2015

Rufino (b. 1965, Brazil) occupies all of Central’s exhibition spaces with his new show, which marks his 30 years of artistic production. In the artist’s works, evolutionary theories, mythologies, social-politic ideologies, esthetical movements... Read More

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Courtesy of Almeida e Dale

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Baró Galpão


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Éder Oliveira exhibition view at Blau Projects. Photo: Neoarte. Courtesy of Blau Projects

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Casa da Imagem São Paulo
Rodrigo Matheus, exhibition view at Galeria Fortes Vilaça. Photo: Eduardo Ortega. Courtesy Galeria Fortes Vilaça.