Current Exhibitions

07 Jun — 22 Sep
How did artists respond in their work to the historical rift created by Fascism and the Second World War? And how, between the end of the conflict and the mid-1950s, did they find new ways to give shape to existence – and indeed the existence of...

Past Exhibitions

Derain, Balthus, Giacometti. Friendship among Artists

Fundación MAPFRE
01/02/2018 — 06/05/2018

Bacon – Giacometti

Fondation Beyeler
29/04/2018 — 02/09/2018

Resident Alien. The Marin Karmitz Collection

La Maison Rouge
15/10/2017 — 21/01/2018

Derain, Balthus, Giacometti: an artistic friendship

Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris
02/06/2017 — 29/10/2017

Collector’s Eye

Galerie Knoell, Bäumleingasse 18, Basel
12/06/2017 — 08/07/2017