Babak Golkar


Born in 1977 in Berkeley (USA), spent most of his formative years in Tehran until 1996 when he migrated to Vancouver

His subjects of research have especially emerged from an interest in spatial analysis in relation to our contemporary systemic conditions that are overpowering human conditions. In merging and examining originally discrete systems and forms, asserting underlying unity as well as antagonistic elements, Golkar engages a critical inquiry into cultural and socio-economical registers.

Babak Golkar
Babak Golkar
Berkeley , 1977

Past Exhibitions


The Old Truman Brewery, East London 07/10/2012 — 28/10/2012

Babak Golkar: The Return Project

The Third Line
24/09/2014 — 08/11/2014

Come Invest in Us. You’ ll Strike Gold

10/09/2012 — 03/11/2012

Beyond History

15/03/2015 — 25/04/2015

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City of birth: Berkeley Country of birth: USA Date of birth: 1977 Lives in: Vancouver, Canada