Bhakti Baxter was born in Miami in 1979, where he is currently based. The artist has been an active protagonist of the Miami art scene since the early 1990s when he, Tao Rey and Martin Oppel transformed their house into an experimental art space.

His works range from naturalistic painted portraits of his family members to collages, surrealistic mixed-media sculptural assemblages of found objects (see his current show) and go beyond any attempt of categorisation.

The artist, Photo by Johnny Sjodergren; Courtesy of Gallery Diet
Bhakti Baxter
Miami, 1979

Past Exhibitions

Ping Pong Miami 2015

Alfred I. Dupont Building 30/11/2015 — 06/12/2015

100+ Degrees in The Shade. A Survey of South Florida Art

Girls’ Club Collection
12/11/2015 — 01/01/2016

Bhakti Baxter: Returning What Was Borrowed

Art and Culture Center/Hollywood
15/11/2014 — 18/01/2015

Solo Shows


Rompelotas, Gallery Diet, Miami
Duvertan Deus: a portrait of another Miami, Light and Wire, a web-based art space from Los Angeles


Occupied, Federica Schiavo Gallery, Rome


After Certain Amounts of Breath, Bravin Lee programs, New York

Group Shows


Un espacio para encontrarse con el arte, pasar un rato entre naturaleza y cultura, ver, escuchar, sentir y pensar, Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, San José, Costa Rica (curated by Proyectos Ultravioleta)


New Work Miami 2013, Miami Art Museum, Miami
Reality Show, Galleria Tiziana di Caro, Salerno, Italy (a project by Stanislao di Giugno)
Swamp, Edgar Allen Poe Park, Bronx, New York
Protein Mix, Henningsen Gallery, Copenhagen
Jardin de Esculturas, El Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Drawing Possibilities, Le Hoste Art Contemporain, Arles, France
#D, Bronx Art Space, New York
One Size Fits All, The Nightclub, Miami
Wedding Crashers, The Deering Estate, Miami

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Miami Country of birth: USA Date of birth: 1979 Lives in: Miami
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