Stucchi’s research is devoted to the exploration of the artwork ‘materiality’ along an interest in the strategies of vision which allows to subvert its object hood. Stucchi defines himself as a “sculptor” even if a large part of his practice unfolds as minimal interventions: engraving leather with fire; shaping in forms spaghetti pasta; accumulating dust, etc. All these interventions, in one way or another, avoid any possibility of conveying the work through traditional channels as for example the photographic documentation of it. Stucchi’s practice never stops to surprise thanks to the use self-referentiality and secret meanings, blurring the lines between viewer, work, meaning and the various contexts of reference in which enacts. In 2011 he co-founded in Milan the exhibition space Gasconade with Michele D’ Aurizio and Luca Castiglioni. In 2015 he co-founded outside Milan the project Full-Fall with Mattia Ruffolo.

Davide Stucchi. Courtesy of the artist
Davide Stucchi
Milan, 1988

Past Exhibitions


29/03/2017 — 14/05/2017

Solo Shows


NENA, Sant’Ilario Pavilion, curated by Francesco Garutti, Genoa
What’s left unsaid, says it all, Taylor Macklin, Zurich


Oggetti Traditi, MACRO, Rome
6ARTISTA (with Helena Hladilova), Macro, Roma


Davide Stucchi 1993-2013, Caffè Perù, Rome
Inside the white cab, public taxi, Milan
Premio Furla, Bologna

Group Shows


Group Show, Full-Fall, Milan Basic Instinct, Seventeen Gallery, London
La scrittura degli echi, MAXXI, Rome


In Real Life, Galerie Chrisitne König, Vienna
Raid, Taylor Macklin, Zurich


Rosa Titanica, guest, Rome
The reconstitution of fiction which eventually provoked the “no more fictions” movement, Shanaynay, Paris
Add Fire: Furla Prize for the Arts, Bologna


Pose Position, 1M3, Lousanne
FW2013RTW (KUDOS), Federica Schiavo Gallery, Rome
Lady Dior As Seen By, La Triennale, Milan
Fuoriclasse, GAM, Milan

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Milan Country of birth: Italy Date of birth: 1988 Lives in: Milan
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