Giorgio Griffa paints exclusively to paint, this is the reason why he is considered an artist very close to the trend of analytical painting although he is a personality quite unrelated to any label.

Giorgio Griffa
Giorgio Griffa
Turin, 1936

Past Exhibitions

Artists of the Gallery – Selected Works

Annemarie Verna
02/05/2018 — 07/07/2018

Pittura Analitica: Then and Now

17/03/2017 — 11/06/2017

Vitel Tonné

Palazzo Cesari-Marchesi 09/05/2017 — 25/06/2017

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Galleria Fumagalli
24/02/2017 — 01/04/2017

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City of birth: Turin Country of birth: Italy Date of birth: 1936 Lives in: Turin, Italy