Current Exhibitions

Atto I: Giulio Paolini

Tommaso Calabro

02 Apr — 31 May
The show at Tommaso Calabro Gallery, Milan, is dedicated to Giulio Paolini’s work “Sir Lawrence Dundas and his Grandson” (1977), exhibited on this occasion to the...
24 Mar — 02 Jun
The collective exhibition “Galleria dell’Ariete. Una storia documentaria” (“Galleria dell’Ariete. A documentary history”) is the first chapter of the “Gallery Focus” programme, a series...

Past Exhibitions

Giulio Paolini: Del bello ideale

Fondazione Carriero
26/10/2018 — 10/02/2019

Giulio Paolini: Teoria Delle Apparenze

Galleria Fumagalli
16/01/2018 — 14/04/2018

Margherita Stein: Rebel With a Cause

Magazzino Italian Art 28/06/2017 — 01/08/2017

YTALIA: Energy Thoughts Beauty. It’s all connected

Forte di Belvedere and around the city 02/06/2017 — 01/10/2017