Hale Tenger is an internationally established multimedia artist whose works cut across conventional boundaries. Her large scale environments, video installations, as well as objects and video works, explore the dichotomy between nature and culture, and consider power relations through the role of observation. In her wide-ranging practice, Tenger explores the power dynamics and tensions between the state and the individual, to present a nuanced critique of the social condition of her native Turkey. A signature is the creation of immersive physical experiences for the viewer, ones that require and even turn on viewer’s participation. In interacting with her installations, the viewer becomes an implicit performer; their gaze is transformed, and they become the ones under observation. In this, her works mirror the power dynamics present in Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian turn towards a climate of suppressing dissent.

Hale Tenger
Izmir, 1960

Past Exhibitions

Artists in Their Time

Istanbul Museum
27/07/2015 — 04/01/2016

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SALT Galata
SALT Beyoğlu
03/09/2015 — 29/11/2015

Solo Shows


Swinging on the Stars at Galeri Nev in Istanbul


Perspectives: Hale Tenger at the Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington

Balloons On The Sea at Green Art Gallery in Dubai

Group Shows


Plurivocality at Istanbul Modern

Impact at the Art Gallery of Western Australia in Perth


Iskele 2: The Unanswered Question at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein in Berlin

Envy, Enmity, Embarrassment at Arter in Istanbul


Journeys: Wanderings in contemporary Turkey at Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton in Paris

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City of birth: Izmir Country of birth: Turkey Date of birth: 1960 Lives in: Istanbul, Turkey