Danish artist Jesper Just makes videos that explore gender roles and the way in which cultures generate and understand them. Using lush scenery, glossy production, and social codes from Hollywood movies, Just subverts traditional male roles by presenting men who overtly express their emotions. With little, if any dialogue, the actors unpredictably sing in chorus, embrace, and weep, creating suggestive, yet enigmatic situations.

Jesper Just
Jesper Just
Copenhagen, 1974

Current Exhibitions

16 May — 02 Sep
Danish artist Jesper Just transforms the Oval Gallery into a couple of emotional spaces inhabited by fleeting characters that reflect the human condition in the present era, in a site-specific intervention. Through sound, built structures...

Past Exhibitions

The Non Community

CentroCentro 26/10/2018 — 27/01/2019

Jesper Just: Coordenadas

Museo Anahuacalli
06/02/2018 — 15/04/2018

Expo Video: Invisible Cities @ Spazio Ridotto

Spazio Ridotto
24/10/2016 — 25/11/2016

Spirit Your Mind

The Free Spirits Bar 01/12/2015 — 06/12/2015

Palais De Tokyo: Inside

Palais de Tokyo
20/10/2014 — 11/01/2015

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Copenhagen Country of birth: Denmark Date of birth: 1974 Lives in: New York, USA