Born on February 16, 1976 in Trinidad, Cuba. He studied painting, drawing, and silverwork in the Academy of Fine Arts “Oscar Fdez. Morera “ of Trinidad, graduating in 1996. Since then, his work has been recognized and rewarded by the critics within and outside the island. It is worth to mention the prizes won in the “National Exhibition of Landscape” in the city of Sancti- Spíritus, Cuba in 2002; the prize jury was chaired by the prestigious Cuban painter, Tomás Sánchez. He has also participated in many international art fairs as: PINTA – New York, Basel – Latina. Suiza, Arte América. Miami. EE.UU, Art Toronto. Canadá, CIRCA. Puerto Rico, ARCO. España, Art Fórum Berlín.

Jorge Lopez Pardo
Trinidad, 1976

Past Exhibitions

Face and Form

de la Cruz Collection
01/12/2017 — 30/11/2018

Progressive Praxis

de la Cruz Collection
29/11/2016 — 29/11/2017

Shades of Grey

Pan American Art Projects
12/11/2015 — 12/12/2015

You’ve Got to Know the Rules…to Break Them

de la Cruz Collection
01/12/2015 — 08/10/2016

Permutations: Contemporary Art From Cuba at PAAP

Pan American Art Projects
05/09/2014 — 01/11/2014

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Trinidad Country of birth: Cuba Date of birth: 1976 Lives in: Havana
Studio: Calle 26 Edificio 31. Apto. 4 e/ Línea y 11.
Vedado, Habana, Cuba
W: M: T: (53) - 52955191