Born in New York in 1942, Lawrence Weiner played a pivotal role in the development of Conceptual art in the United States in the 1960s, questioning traditional notions of art and moving away from the art object in favor of a practice based in ideas and actions.

Weiner‘s primary medium is language, yet his artworks are not simply the texts themselves, but rather the content or idea he refers to in his words. His work exists in multiple forms: as written language, as speech, or as a physical manifestation of the content described by the language. This democratic approach to art-making reveals a social ambition. Weiner is interested in art’s “use factor,” its accessibility, and how it relates to the people who experience it.

Lawrence Weiner is represented by Lisson Gallery and Marian Goodman Gallery

Lawrence Weiner
Lawrence Weiner
New York, 1942

Past Exhibitions

Douglas Gordon & Lawrence Weiner: “Rosy-Fingered Dawn”

Gagosian Athens
05/04/2017 — 20/05/2017

Lawrence Weiner: Forever & a Day

Museo de la Ciudad de México 08/02/2017 — 26/02/2017

Artist Run New York: The Seventies

Jean-Paul Najar Foundation
09/03/2017 — 30/06/2017


Castello di Rivoli
14/03/2017 — 23/07/2017

Resonating Surfaces

Mendes Wood DM
22/11/2016 — 04/02/2017

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City of birth: New York Country of birth: USA Date of birth: 1942