Current Exhibitions

Contemporary Photography Collective Show

Bel-Air Fine Art – Dorsoduro

11 May — 24 Nov
The contemporary art gallery Bel-Air Fine Art, located in Venice – Dorsoduro, hosts the collective photography show dedicated to international artists Liu Bolin, Joel Moens de Hase, Antoine Rose...

Past Exhibitions

Liu Bolin: Ghost Stories

Maison Européenne de la Photographie – MEP
06/09/2017 — 29/10/2017

Liu Bolin: Hacker Art

Magda Danysz Gallery
12/04/2017 — 21/05/2017

Invisible Threads: Technology and Its Discontents

NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery
22/09/2016 — 31/12/2016

Art In The City – Take Me Out

chi K11 art museum
10/09/2016 — 09/10/2016

Liu Bolin: Hiding in the City at Galerie Paris-Beijing (Paris)

Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris
10/01/2013 — 09/05/2013