In her artistic research, Marzia Migliora uses a wide range of media including photography, video, sound, performance, installation and drawing. Her works stem from careful observation of the individual and everyday life: the artist draws on minor occurrences, current events and personal memories to investigate themes such as identity, contradiction, desire and responsibility, touching on present and past history and establishing a connection between places and narratives. Her projects ask questions aimed at actively engaging the viewer, who becomes the protagonist without whom the work cannot be whole. The result is a multifaceted piece, which prompts the audience to take part in an emotionally-charged and intellectually-stimulating shared experience. She has been represented by Lia Rumma Gallery since 2007

Marzia Migliora. Ph by Simon Perethoner
Marzia Migliora
Alessandria, 1972

Past Exhibitions

Marzia Migliora: Voce del Verbo Avere

Palazzo Branciforte 08/09/2018 — 04/11/2018

Marzia Migliora: Velme

Ca’ Rezzonico
13/05/2017 — 24/09/2017

Marzia Migliora: Work force

Lia Rumma Milan
18/02/2016 — 31/03/2016

Omnia Signa, black on white

Private: Studio d’Arte Cannaviello
24/09/2015 — 17/11/2015

Liberi tutti! Art and Society in Italy. 1989 – 2001

Museo Ettore Fico
09/07/2015 — 31/10/2015

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Alessandria Country of birth: Italy Date of birth: 1972 Lives in: Turin, Italy