Current Exhibitions

Kollectors Series: Media in Motion

chi art space – K11 Art Foundation

17 Jan — 07 Apr
K11 Art Foundation presents Media in Motion as the second exhibition in its Kollectors Series, which includes works by artists from Argentina, China, Korea, and Thailand. The...

The Street. Where the World is Made

Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo – MAXXI

07 Dec — 28 Apr
The exhibition gathers more than 200 works by around 140 artist to pay an homage to the street, investigated not just as a fundamental infrastructure, but also as a place crossed by multiple meanings as well as the stage of visual and physical bombardment,...

Past Exhibitions


Nam June Paik Art Center
12/07/2018 — 16/09/2018

More than 30 minutes

Nam June Paik Art Center
15/02/2018 — 16/09/2018

Collection David H. Brolliet, Geneva

Fondation Fernet Branca
27/05/2018 — 30/09/2018

Datumsoria: The Return of the Real

ZKM | Center for Art and Media 09/09/2017 — 18/03/2018

Nam June Paik: Our Bright Future–Cybernetic Fantasy

Nam June Paik Art Centre 20/07/2017 — 05/11/2017