Lobo’s research-intensive, process-oriented production begins with deep immersion in a broad spectrum of topics, from fringe subcultures and hidden networks—the Raëlian movement, the Go-Go dance scene, illicit pirate radio—to points of friction within the urban milieu—transnational multi-service shops, illegal drug fabrication sites, informal markets. The list of materials he has employed ranges from grape-flavored cough syrup to play-dough, terrazzo, Napalm, and a defunct soft drink with supposed aphrodisiac qualities. In recent years, the Miami-based artist has focused on ways in which the human body extends into socioeconomic space, and vice versa.

Nicolas Lobo
Nicolas Lobo
Los Angeles, 1979

Past Exhibitions

Of Purism

Nina Johnson
03/12/2018 — 02/02/2019

Nobody Owns the Beach

Sunset Islands, Miami Beach 05/12/2017 — 10/12/2017

Nicolas Lobo: The Leisure Pit

Pérez Art Museum Miami – PAMM
16/04/2015 — 13/12/2015

Great Expectations

Nina Johnson
03/12/2014 — 23/12/2014

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City of birth: Los Angeles Country of birth: USA Date of birth: 1979 Lives in: Miami