Hiroshi Sugimoto is revered for his iconic black and white photographs of subject matter including museum dioramas, drive-in theatres, seascapes and architecture. In his serial work Sugimoto addresses notions of temporality, perception versus reality, the transience of life,andthefundamentalelementsthatmakeupthenaturalworld,namelywaterandlight. In1978, Sugimoto began his Theatres series, setting up a large format camera on a tripod at classic American movie theatres and drive-ins, leaving the camera shutter open for the duration of a film, the projector light on the screen creating a hauntingly overexposed central element in his work and revealing distinctarchitecturaldetailsofthedarktheatre. TheseworksallowSugimototoexpressthepassage of time through a single image and exploit the possibilities of working with black and white film and an unconventional light source. In 1980, Sugimoto embarked on his Seascapes series, in which he fastidiously captured the convergence of sea and sky at different times of day, under varying atmospheric conditions, around the world. While the composition of the photographs is starkly consistent: sea, horizon line and air, the elements of time and light create endless pictorial arrangements in this meditative and sublime series. Unlike Araki’s highly autobiographical and unapologetically explicit works, Sugimoto’s meticulous compositions are devoid of human presence and suggestive of the supernatural.

Nobuyoshi Araki
Tokyo, 1940

Current Exhibitions

Personal Structures – Identities

Various Venues In Venice

11 May — 24 Nov
European Cultural Centre presents ehibition Personal Structures at its three venues, Palazzo Mora, Palazzo Bembo and Giardini della Marinaressa, featuring a wide selection...

Past Exhibitions

Japanese Photography 1930s – 1970s

Mai 36 Galerie
07/06/2019 — 03/08/2019

The Third Day

Palazzo del Governatore 20/04/2018 — 01/07/2018

Araki at Kurimanzutto

Cantina Ardalio 02/09/2016 — 15/10/2016


Musée Guimet 14/04/2016 — 05/09/2016

Shikijo: Eroticism in Japanese Photography

Blindspot Gallery
07/05/2016 — 25/06/2016

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City of birth: Tokyo Country of birth: Japan Date of birth: 1940