Roman Signer is principally a visual artist who works in sculpture, installations photography, and video. He started his career as an artist later in life at the age of 28, after working as an architect’s draughtsman, a radio engineer apprentice, and a short stint in a pressure cooker factory. He holds degrees from arts institutions in Switzerland and Poland. He studied at the Schule für Gestaltung in Zurich and Lucerne between 1966 and 1971. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland from 1971-1972.

Signer’s work has grown out of, and has affinities with both land art and performance art, but they are not typically representative of either category. It is often being described as following the tradition of the Swiss engineer-artist, such as Jean Tinguely and Peter Fischli & David Weiss.

Signer’s “action sculptures” involve setting up, carrying out, and recording “experiments” or events that bear aesthetic results. Day-to-day objects such as umbrellas, tables, boots, containers, hats and bicycles are part of Signer’s working vocabulary. Following carefully planned and strictly executed and documented procedures, the artist enacts and records such acts as explosions, collisions, and the projection of objects through space. Signer advocates ‘controlled destruction, not destruction for its own sake’. Action Kurhaus Weissbad (1992) saw chairs catapulted out of a hotel’s windows; Table (1994) launched a table into the sea on four buckets; Kayak (2000) featured the artist being towed down a road in a canoe. In documenta 8 (1987), he catapulted thousands of sheets of paper into the air to create an ephemeral wall in the room for a brief, but all the more intense moment. As the Swiss representative at the Venice Biennale in 1999, he made 117 steel balls fall from the ceiling on to lumps of clay lying on the ground. Many of his happenings are not for public viewing, and are only documented in photos and film. Video works like Stiefel mit Rakete (Boot with Rocket) are integral to Signer’s performances, capturing the original setup of materials that self-destruct in the process of creating an emotionally and visually compelling event.

Signer gives a humorous twist to the concept of cause and effect and to the traditional scientific method of experimentation and discovery, taking on the self-evidence of scientific logic as an artistic challenge. As well as working in his studio, which he calls his lab, Signer often takes off to the Swiss mountains to conduct larger experiments. A recent example of his installation work was “Accident as sculpture” (Unfall als Skulptur)(2008) in which Signer had a three-wheeled delivery car, loaded with water barrels, roll down an 11 m high ramp and up the other side. At the apex, the vehicle overturned and crashed to the ground. The resulting chaotic arrangement constituted the exhibition at de:Kunstraum Dornbirn. Another example, the video 56 Small Helicopters (56 Kleine Helikopter) (2008) shows a squadron of 56 remote-controlled toy helicopters as they rise into the air, collide with each other, carom off the ceiling and walls, and finally die in mechanical spasms on the floor.

In 2011, Signer showed Restenfilme or film leftovers, always presented in a darkened room furnished with several rows of wooden chairs, one of which rocks unassisted on its back legs. The projection gathers actions, which Signer never constituted as full artworks, as well as shots of locations that were possible staging grounds for potential works.

A collaborative film from 1996 with director Peter Liechti titled “Signer’s Koffer” (“Signer’s Suitcase”) documents a series of his “action sculptures” along with interviews of Roman Signer and other characters encountered during his travels performing the work.

Roman Signer, 2010.
Roman Signer
Appenzell, 1938

Past Exhibitions

Fly me to the Moon

Kunsthaus Zürich
05/04/2019 — 30/06/2019

Collection David H. Brolliet, Geneva

Fondation Fernet-Branca
27/05/2018 — 30/09/2018

Mit Natur Zu Tun – To Do With Nature

06/06/2017 — 26/08/2017

Why The Performance?

Ming Contemporary Art Museum – McaM
18/09/2016 — 20/11/2016

Culturescapes Island 2015

04/09/2015 — 07/11/2015

Solo Shows

Middelheimmuseum, ‘Roman Signer. Projet pour un jardin’, Antwerp, Belgium
Centre de la photographie, ‘Roman Signer. Le temps géle/Die gefrorene Zeit’, Geneva, Switzerland
MAN Museo d’Arte Provincia di Nuoro, ‘Roman Signer – Films and Installations’, Nuoro, Italy

Centre Culturel Suisse, Focus on Roman Signer’, Paris, France
Galerie Art Concept, ‘Roman Signer. Sculptures’, Paris, France
OCT, ‘Roman Signer. Videos and Films. 1975-1989 and Now’, Shenzhen, China (Travelling Exhibition)
Dundee Contemporary Arts, ‘Roman Signer: Installations’, Dundee, Scotland
The Curve, Barbican Centre, ‘Roman Signer: Slow Movement’, London, England
The Rose Lipman Building, ‘Roman Signer’s Library of Marvels: A Project by Rachel Withers’, London, England
Le Point du Jour – Centre d’art Éditeur, ‘Roman Signer – Tombés du ciel’, Cherbourg-Octeville, France
GAFA Art Museum, ‘Roman Signer. Videos and Films. 1975-1989 and Now’, Guangzhou, China (Travelling Exhibition)
Flux Laboratory, ‘Roman Signer at Flux Laboratory’, Zurich, Switzerland
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Hauser & Wirth, ‘Skulptur – Installation’, Zurich, Switzerland

Villa Nobel, ‘Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) und 5 Filme von Roman Signer (*1938)’, Sanremo, Italy
Rice University Art Gallery’s video space “RG Cubicle”, ‘Three Works by Roman Signer’, Houston TX
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Galerie Martin Janda, ‘Roman Signer’, Vienna, Austria

Group Shows

Kunstmuseum Solothurn, ‘Zeit verstreichen – Moment und Dauer in der Gegenwartskunst’, Solothurn, Switzerland
Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart, ‘Das Kapital. Schuld – Territorium – Utopie’, Berlin, Germany
Jeu de Paume, ‘Soulèvements/Uprisings’, Paris, France
‘Emscherkunst 2016’, Emscher River, Germany
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Kunsthal KAdE, ‘The Way Things Go. About cause and effect’, Amersfoort, Netherlands
North Silk Factory and West Scenic Zone, ‘Utopia / Heterotopia’, Wuzhen, China
Marta Herford, ‘Magic and Power – Of Magic Carpets and Drones’, Herford, Germany

Kunsthaus Zug, ‘Wege der Sammlung IV. Konstellationen’, Zug, Switzerland
Hauser & Wirth, ‘Salon d’Hiver’, Zurich, Switzerland
Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, ‘A Few Free Years. Von Absalon bis Zobernig: Schenkungen von Friedrich Christian Flick an die Nationalgalerie’, Berlin, Germany
Fundacio Gaspar, ‘Art Strikes Back!’, Barcelona, Spain
Middelheimmuseum, ‘Pom’ Po Pon Po Pon Pon Pom Pon’, Antwerp, Belgium
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Contacts & Details

City of birth: Appenzell Country of birth: Switzerland Date of birth: 1938 Lives in: St. Gallen, Switzerland