Shilpa Gupta is an interdisciplinary artist who uses sound, video, photography and performance to capture and explore themes such as desire, religion and security issues (nations, borders, militarism and identity).

Although Gupta’s works are developed largely through technological means, their significance lies in their candid communication the various issues that shape contemporary life, particularly the lives of young adults. In her works, Gupta touches on aspects of current, universal issues including environmental degradation, globalization, terrorism, war, intolerance, gender politics and human rights.


Shilpa Gupta
Shilpa Gupta
Mumbai, 1967

Current Exhibitions

Shilpa Gupta

Galleria Continua

27 Oct — 13 Jan
Galleria Continua presents one of the most internationally well-known Indian artists, Shilpa Gupta. Shilpa has engaged with art in its participatory, interactive and public dimensions for over two decades. She has persistently mapped...

Past Exhibitions

Continua Sphères Ensemble

16/09/2017 — 19/11/2017

The Open Hand

Gujral Foundation House
02/02/2017 — 05/03/2017

Enactments and each passing day

Kiran Nadar Museum of Art – KNMA
09/09/2016 — 08/02/2017

Shilpa Gupta: My East is Your West

Capo d'Arte 30/07/2016 — 30/07/2016


Green Art Gallery
17/01/2016 — 06/03/2016

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City of birth: Mumbai Country of birth: India Date of birth: 1967