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An Exhibition of Drawings from Collezione Ramo at Casa Libeskind

1 year ago

The works on paper by six great Italian artists of the 20th century – Afro, Boccioni, Depero, Russolo, Sant’Elia and Sironi – are exhibited in the private residence of the archistar Daniel Libeskind in CityLife Park, in Milan. The exhibition, running April 15 -22, is curate by Irina Zucca Alessandrelli.

The exhibition anticipates the great exhibition at the Museo del Novecento with which in the fall the Collezione Ramo, one of the largest private collections of works on paper by Italian artists of the twentieth century.

“The exhibition of Collezione Ramo at CityLife – says architect Daniel Libeskind – represents a fantastic research into the imagination of the modern city through the eyes of these Italian artists. I believe that drawing is the expression of the city. Thanks to the sign on the map you can explore the infinite possibilities of the mind – as only Leonardo, Bernini and Michelangelo have been able to do! ”

Save the date – Collezione Ramo. La città moderna a casa Libeskind

CityLife, via Spinola 8, Milano

Opening times:
Press preview: 13 April 5-6pm
Opening: 13 April 6-9pm
Sun, 15 April 11am – 6pm
from 16 to 22 April 11am -8pm
registration at is required

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  • Mario Sironi, Paesaggio Urbano, 1920 Mario Sironi, Paesaggio Urbano, 1920