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Lorenzo Rudolf, announcing Art Stage Singapore, states: “Art Fairs must re-think their role”.

3 years ago

Announcing the return next January of Art Stage Singapore, Lorenzo Rudolf questions the role of art fairs: “Against the backdrop of the weak global economy and changed political landscapes, art fairs such as Art Stage Singapore must re-think their role.  Can we continue as before – riding high on the art market boom? As the performance of art markets is inextricably linked to the health of the economy, maintaining the same market positions is unrealistic in the current economic climate”.

This will be just the beginning of a wide range of debates that will take part in the days of Art Stage Singapore. During the fair will take place the Second Southeast Asia Forum, the platform on which to exchange and develop ideas, to discuss socio-political issues, to create the opportunities, to understand the market, the ideals and the value of art itself.

With more than 120 galleries from 27 countries, the fair, titled “Net Present Value: Art, Capital, Futures”, focuses on capitalism as its theme and direct attention to questions surrounding the values of art, imagination, and progress, and the price of doing business as usual amidst the changing dynamics of the international capitalist system.
Main focus of this year edition is “Collectors’ Stage 2017“, a special exhibition collecting the artworks of six Singapore-based private collectors. Along with it, Enin Supriyanto curates “Collectors2 Show”, an exhibition already presented at Art Stage Jakarta.

Arte Stage Singapore is back with a stronger Southeast Asian identity in 2017, for the seventh edition from the 12th to the 15th of January with regional and international galleries showing the very best contemporary artists all across Asia.

Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore
Opening times:
Thu- Sat 12pm – 8pm
Sun 11am – 6 pm

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